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The Future of Archaeology, Uncovering the Present

Believe it or not - almost everything we've ever owned in life, from old toys long forgotten, outgrown, worn-out clothes, to even random, non perishable items we've discarded in the trash throughout our entire life - still exist in this world today! Many of these items probably made their way to a landfill somewhere, where they are buried deep within the Earth's soil - and although they may be out of sight and out of mind to us... they do indeed still exist, and will exist long after we are gone.

Uncovering the Present

Just think: One day, when our present civilization becomes ancient, (though, hopefully not for some time 🤞), a new breed of "archaeological descendants", perhaps similar to those of today, will be tasked with the undertaking of gathering information about us, our culture, and our way of life. This is what makes archaeology so fascinating! Archaeology isn't about digging up dinosaur bones, or even about searching for hidden treasures, in the literal sense. Although, that's all pretty cool too! Though realistically, the vast majority of what archaeologist gather most of their information from, comes from... well, another civilization's discarded... trash.

Who knows, maybe thousands of years from now, something you once owned might find its way into a museum somewhere? Perhaps a favorite toy you loved to play with as a child, or maybe even an old retainer you wore as a teenager? Although it's probably not very likely, it's definitely still plausible, thanks to archaeology!

Interested in learning more about archaeology and past civilizations?

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