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You Dream It... We Build It

The Museum of Archaeology, Paleontology, & Science is bringing you three exciting indoor exhibits

1. Animals in African Art, an exhibit that combines the diversity of nature’s most thrilling animals with the art of an equally diverse group of African people. The exhibit will convey how for centuries animals have inspired the people of Africa to develop some of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing art for ceremony and ritual.

2. Premier pre-Columbian, a showcase of diverse art from Central and South America from before the time of the arrival of Europeans. This exhibit features a diverse array of ceramics and objects made from obsidian, gold, cotton, and wood. Lesser known cultures from centuries past are highlighted among the more popular - Inca, Aztec, Maya, and Olmec.  

3. A History of Life on Earth, a display of diverse fossils and objects conveying the long and fascinating history of the world. Hundreds of items are a part of this exhibit laid out in an innovative timeline that will convey to visitors the time and transition of all life on earth.

Other exhibits are also in the planning phases including one on the history of food; the power of plants and the diversity of textiles.

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